About Us

The Progressive Librarians Guild – London Ontario Chapter (PLG – London) mission statement: Cultivating spaces for critical dialogue and collaborative action on core issues affecting information workers.

We share the interests of the Progressive Librarians Guild international body. This means we are committed to:

  • providing a forum for the open exchange of radical views on library issues.
  • conducting campaigns to support progressive and democratic library activities locally, nationally and internationally.
  • supporting activist librarians as they work to effect changes in their own libraries and communities.
  • bridging the artificial and destructive gaps between school, public, academic and special libraries, and between public and technical services.
  • encouraging debate about prevailing management strategies adopted directly from the business world, to propose democratic forms of library administration, and to foster unity between librarians and other library workers.
  • critically considering the impact of technological change in the library workplace, on the provision of library services, and on the character of public discourse.
  • monitoring the professional ethics of librarianship from a perspective of social responsibility.
  • facilitating contacts between progressive librarians and other professional and scholarly groups dealing with communications and all the political, social, economic and cultural trends which impact upon it worldwide, in a global context.

We also echo this statement taken from the membership application form for PLG international: “PLG depends on the energy and ideas of its members and finds its direction, to a large extent, from them.”

Membership in PLG is open to library workers and users who are committed to these ideals.

You can check out some of our activities and popular posts here.

Find our group on Facebook.

Or Email us.

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