PLG London – A(n Updated) Primer

What has PLG London accomplished since it was founded in September 2011?  Here is a list of PLG London position statements, past events, and activities!

About PLG London
PLG London has a Blog
About PLG London

2011 Western Librarians and Archivists Strike
Statement of Support
MLIS Student Petition to Support Western Librarians and Archivists

CLA Inaction
The Canadian Library Association’s Failure to Advocate for Librarians and Libraries
Response to CLA Executive’s Draft Mission Statement

Access Copyright License
Objection to the Access Copyright Licensing Agreement at the University of Western Ontario
Access Copyright Statement
Access Copyright: What does it mean for Western? A Librarian’s Guide
Access Copyright Banner

Library and Archives Canada Cuts
Statement on Library and Archives Canada Cuts
UWO Funeral for Archival Funding in Canada
Photos from the Archival Funeral

Internet Filtering Debate at the London Public Library
Statement on Filtering
PLG Mentioned in the London Free Press

Past PLG London Events
Beige Alert – Library Neutrality Discussion
Ethnicity and Gender in Libraries
Getting Out of the Stacks – Community Collaboration
History of the PLG Talk
Monthly PLG Pub Night Discussions
Sex and the Library


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