PLG Summer 2018 – July Update

A quick update before the end of semester:

  • Our Prison Library bookdrive went amazingly thanks to the many donors who filled up 2 bins completely in June, which were picked up by the prison librarian! She is currently working with the FIMS GRC about a possible visit in Fall, so please keep an eye out for any postings related to that.
  • Some PLG members and executives co-wrote a zine for Sex Work Awareness, with all profits from the sale of the zine going to Safe Space London. One of our Chairs from this semester especially had a role in posting the zines for sale in some locations around London – thank you Jill for your leadership!
  • Our guild meetings have continued with a variety of topics discussed, including de-centering whiteness in library spaces, educational needs, and the presence of police in libraries.

Our current plans are to participate in Pride with other people from UWO marching, and we are starting as an exec team to look forward to and prepare for the Fall 2018 semester. Thanks so much for reading!

Sarah, Communications Exec, Summer 2018

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