Winter 2018 Updates

Hello, all visitors to this page!

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to update, but here is a post to document some of the things PLG has been up to since Fall.

  • We’ve continued in our weekly meetings and discussion groups, going over topics relevant to progressive librarianship every Wednesday!
  • We put up a super cool display for Freedom to Read Week at the end of February, which had been designed and developed by our current comptroller:
  • One of our co-chairs has been liaising over a long period of time with the librarian of London’s local correctional centers to plan this project, and we are about to embark on a 3-week book drive until the end of semester! We’ll be collecting books at FIMS based on the following list:

Prison Library List

If you would like to know more about projects like this one, where you can send donations of your own (especially if you live outside London), please check out this PEN Canada Prisoner’s Right to Read article.

It’s been a very busy, rewarding, challenging semester but we’re still around and kicking! We look forward to the book drive and to summer semester.

– PLG London Chapter
(posted by Sarah, co-communications executive, Winter 2018)

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