Copyright Awareness Roundtable: Wednesday July 23rd @ 12:00-1:30pm, NCB 293

This Wednesday, the PLG is hosting a roundtable looking at the role of copyright in contemporary librarianship. The speakers below will be discussing their professional experiences with copyright initiatives and the emerging issues affecting library patrons and service. Please join us!

Copyright Awareness Roundtable
Wednesday July 23, 2014
12:00 – 1:30pm
North Campus Building 293, UWO

Bobby Glushko, Scholarly Communications and Copyright Librarian
University of Toronto Libraries

“Bobby Glushko leads the Scholarly Communications and Copyright Office at the University of Toronto Libraries.  In his role there he directs and coordinates scholarly communications and copyright policy, works with faculty, staff, and students on those issues, and supports other divisions of the library in their efforts.  Bobby holds degrees in information science from the University of Michigan, and in law from the University of California at Berkeley.  He is particularly interested in the library’s role as an academic nexus, and its role in creating and making available copyrighted and public domain content.”

Tom Adam, Project Manager and Special Advisor to the Provost
The Copyright Literacy Project @Western

“At Western, responsibility for copyright belongs to us all. Building and implementing a comprehensive copyright literacy strategy for the university is the goal of this sixteen month project. The three project outcomes are to:

  • Design copyright information resources, tools and services and put them into action
  • Create and deliver copyright information sessions and workshops
  • Plan the long term sustainability of copyright literacy at Western

We also are building on the foundation that the library is the go-to place for everything with respect to copyright. Western’s librarians and library staff must gain knowledge and comfort about copyright and the changing copyright landscape in Canada in order to respond to the copyright needs of the Western community.”

Professor Sam Trosow, Associate Professor
FIMS and Faculty of Law, UWO

“Prof. Samuel Trosow will address how the broad user’s rights, now an integral part of Canadian Copyright law, are being implemented in Canadian libraries and educational institutions. How do the recurring conflicts between these user’s rights and licensing agreements and other institutional policies impede their effective implementation and realization? What is the role of the library community in defending the rights of their patrons in light of these persistent conflicts?”


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