Bibliography: Library and Archives Canada cuts

Bibliography: Library and Archives Canada cuts

Members of PLG London have been following the discussion concerning LAC cuts and keeping a list of articles relating to the topic.

We decided to share the list to encourage discussion and to help MLIS students who will be writing papers over the Spring term.

You’ll find articles, position statements, and Parliamentary proceedings where LAC was discussed.

Please send any articles you think are significant that we may have missed to and we will add them to the bibliography.

John Dupuis published a list of articles relating to the cuts in September 2012 that is chronological and more exhaustive for the period it covers.

Daniel J. Caron, current Librarian and Archivist of Canada

Caron in Parliament

Statements on LAC cuts

Bibliocracy articles

Association des Professeur(e)s de l’Université d’Ottawa articles

Literary Tourist

Other articles

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