Library and Archives Canada Roundtable Event

The Progressive Librarians Guild London Chapter is hosting a roundtable discussing the recent cuts to Library and Archives Canada.

Wednesday October 17th, 12pm in Room 295, North Campus Building, Western University

Join the facebook event:

The 2012 Federal Government’s Budget significantly reduced the funding available to Libraries and Archives Canada (LAC). These budget reductions have led to a major cut in staffing at LAC and also led to the cancellation of the National Archives Development Program (NADP).The cancellation of the NADP is a threat to the long term preservation and continual access to Canada’s rich information history.

Without the NADP or a successor program, the ability of Canadian archivist to preserve Canada’s documentary history will be reduced significantly. The funds distributed from the NADP were used to leverage financial and partnership opportunities for local archives across Canada. Archives will find it increasingly difficult to take advantage of these opportunities without Federal support. As a result, archives’ ability to preserve and provide access to Canada’s rich collection of historical documents, photographs, maps and audio-visual materials will be severely diminished.Our discussion on October 17th, lead by Carolyn Bart-Riedstra and Robin Keirstead, will be on how these cuts have affected you, and what types of actions we can take to save Library and Archives Canada.If you are interested in learning more about these cuts and how you can help please come out to NCB room 295 at noon!Some Resources you may be interested in:


2 thoughts on “Library and Archives Canada Roundtable Event

  1. Hi, I’m a representative of the PSAC Local 610, here, at UWO. We are the Teaching assistant union. We have a *small* collection of books relating to labour, universities, and youth. We started this last year, but we need help in terms of development. And I hear from Marni Harrington that you guys are looking for projects. If you’d like I’d be happy to come to one of your meetings and talk, in broad terms, about what I think would be a fit for my local. In short, we need collection development, archiving, but perhaps some kind of reading room hours hosting. At the same time, I understand that this may cost something, so I would like to approach you sooner than later so that we can look at it in terms of our next year’s budget process which begins in January. If you are interested in talking about this, feel free to find me at the union office, SH 1313, T 12-2, or F 10-4. Thank you, Gabe Elias

    • Hello Mr. Elias,

      Thank you for contacting the Progressive Librarians Guild. I presented your request for assistance with the teaching assistant union collection at our weekly meeting this afternoon. All of our members are excited by your request and keen to learn more.

      We would be pleased if you could attend an upcoming PLG meeting to tell us more about the project. We have an upcoming PLG pub night discussion taking place on: Friday October 26th, 5pm, The Early Bird (355 Talbot). Or, please consider attending our next weekly meeting: Wednesday October 31st, 12pm-1pm, North Campus Building (NCB) Room 266.

      Please let me know if you have any questions. We look forward to meeting you.

      Once again, thank you for contacting us.

      Best Regards,

      Alan Kilpatrick
      PLG London

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