Notes from our first PLG meeting

A few interested students and an encouraging member of faculty got together to talk about the possibility of forming a Progressive Librarians Guild chapter in London Ontario. Below are the notes from that first meeting. We thought that posting these notes could be useful to other groups interested in starting their own PLG chapters because you can see that it is an organic process. Names have been reduced to initials to protect privacy.
PLG, August 10, 2011
Present: P, J, RJ, C, RO, S
Group will be shaped by people involved

P: statement of purpose PLG

J: Description of PLG activities, groups, contact with Edmonton Group, how the idea for the group got started.

P: Description of possible panel discussion: Sex in the Library

C: Professors or experts talking about human aspect of LGBT patrons or in library design issues. Study: trans: discomfort with libraries – privacy and comfort of materials.

P: Playboy collection at Weldon (housing of collection)

C: Could ask these questions rather than covering these topics specifically

P: Queer Caucus: possibility of recommending another panel member.

C: And alerts them to our presence

RJ: Sociology and sexuality as a possibility for speakers

–  sex in general: not to separate out LGBTQ

S: Right to speak to new students as much as other student groups

Progressive Librarianship: Academic and professional literature to back it up

– great that this is a students’ initiative

C: made zines in the past: might be cool for people to write something blog style on an issue

P: We could have a web presence, zines, intellectual discussions.

– a group of past UWO MLIS students set up a web site called the activist librarian – since gone off.

Situation in TO: would like to pull in students that are now staff members in Toronto.

Presentation by Maureen O’Reilly to Toronto Student Council. CLA isn’t talking about it.

CAUT LIbrarians Committee

CLA doesn’t see itself as representing librarians but as representing libraries. Flaw of library associations. CAUT has been trying to fill in this gap in the academic world and public employee unions are doing it in the public library world.

Intellectual Freedom Committee: Wanted CLA to go on record: opposed to measure McGuinty had brought in (G20). CLA executive: anti-activist

CLA concern stops at the wall [of the library]

Manageralism and conservatism of organizations that don’t take a more active role.

– if course you want to take and it’s not being offered 1) MLIS program committee has to hear about it and 2) set it up as an independent study

Roma Harris’ book from early 90s. LIbrarianship: The Erosion of a Woman’s Profession.

You have a strong tradition you’re building on. PLG is understood internationally – it’s a US group: last 2 or 3 years pushing into Canada.

P to the group: Do you want to be an official chapter?

RJ and C: Yes, we’d be willing to join.

P: supporting each other: PLG journal and zine.

RJ: interested in writing on political economy.

P: using our meetings to bring forward and talk about topics, sharing readings. Petition letters.

C: Petition could be sent to CLA and ALA.

P: Valid concern of library workers to have a voice.

P: Orientation September 1. RJ and C can help. Pizza day for new students: mailing list.

P: Google mailing list. Wiki style. [C and RJ have Google email]
P: Draft letter of intent to be shared on Google.

C: Open to staff and faculty – Weldon staff?

C: Evening meetings to include others outside the university.

P: Meetings could be held at LPL to include others.

P: If approved by office we get a locker and can keep membership fees there.

P: Fundraising as an option.

R: If there’s a need for it.

P: If we want to do specific things or have refreshments for panel discussion.

P: First meeting: week after pizza lunch.

C: Can we meet to discuss what we’re going to say on orientation day and at the pizza lunch?



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