MLIS Student Petition to support UWO’s librarians and archivists

In September 2011, PLG London members drafted a petition to present to UWO President Amit Chakma in the days leading up to the UWOFA-LA strike deadline. It attracted 62 signatures from current MLIS students. The letter appears below:

President Chakma and the Board of Governors:

As a concerned group of students pursuing the Master’s of Library and Information Science at UWO, we would like to express our hope that the University will settle on a fair and equitable contract for Western’s librarians and archivists.

We believe that the librarian and archivists’ demands regarding fair compensation, staff complement, and workload are reasonable and in line with institutional standards at comparable universities.

Additionally, as future librarians and archivists, we are concerned about the message that the treatment of the University’s own library staff is sending to the community. The MLIS program at UWO is among Canada’s largest and most prestigious, attracting approximately 200 new students each year from around the world. We are disappointed to see that a university with such a strong professional program is not supportive of the work performed by its graduates.

Finally, we were disheartened to witness the University’s removal of the banner of support placed by the Faculty of Information and Media Studies at the North Campus Building. The banner’s removal demonstrates a lack of respect for open dialogue concerning the contract negotiations.

Considering the potential ramifications of a strike for our daily activities, as well as limited library services, we hope that a swift and satisfactory agreement will be reached.


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